Provides a Responsive Service to the Court for Family Proceedings
Typical Services May Involve:
Training available for
legal professionals

on understanding child development, parenting issues, attachment theory and on learning differences.
  • Establishing a parent/carer's intellectual ability, and their ability to act on advice
  • Assessment of capacity
  • Identifying the need for the OS or for any additional arrangements or support
  • Assessing a parent/carer's willingness/ability to work with professionals
  • Advising on the ways that professionals can support the parent/carer throughout the Proceedings
  • Outlining the implications of any learning difficulty for the ongoing assessments and/or for future parenting.
Dr Warnock has received training in child psychological assessment in family law, giving evidence in Court and the writing of Court Reports. Her references have been checked and verified by the Law Society. Work will only be agreed when the issue upon which an opinion is sought lies clearly within the field of expertise. An attempt will be made to refer to an alternative Expert Witness in cases where this is appropriate.

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